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In the world of business, one of the oldest pieces of advice that anyone has given to a person who wants to start their own company is that they must delegate to a certain degree. You can take on a lot of work if you are trying to build your own company, and this can lead to burnout or worse if you’re not careful.


When it comes to digital marketing, the initial idea of having your team in-house, developing digital marketing strategies and implementation might seem quite attractive. However, after some time you may well realise that this was not such a good idea. Instead of having a harmonious team that works hard to bring you great results on digital marketing, you have a team that is going off in plenty of different directions and not meeting anywhere in the middle.


When it comes to digital marketing, you have to hit the ground running and you have to work hard to build up a certain amount of digital marketing before you can say that you are definitely in the game. This means working hard to produce expertise and insight and then using that to create high-quality digital marketing.


This expertise may take some time to develop if you’re working with a team that you know well. However, if you decide to go down the route of hiring a digital marketing agency in London, there is a very good chance that you will gain traction quicker and therefore bring in more results. These results can lead to a better ROI than you would receive from an in-house team.


So what are the signals that should be telling you that you need to find the help of an external digital marketing agency? Well, one of the first signs lies within your current team. You can spot certain aspects of their behaviour and their approach to work that should tell you quite quickly that you onto a loser rather than a winner when it comes to digital marketing.




Your first sign is branding inconsistency. This is when your team are working hard but seemingly working apart. You may look at your logo, for example, and find it has a completely different colour to any other aspect of the visual impact of your brand. This has huge ramifications for your company, but thankfully it is quite rare. Branding inconsistency will probably come up within more acute areas. You might notice a jarring font on one piece of printed material that has been taken from the web. This can mean that your team is simply not talking to each other when they are creating the materials that you need to market and sell your products or services.


If this kind of thing is happening then you may well want to consider taking on the services of an agency that does branding and marketing for a living. Digital marketing agencies in London does nothing other than help companies brand themselves. You need to be part of the action. Contact one of these agencies and enquire about how they can help you and your company survive.


Your next major problem could be that you’re finding it difficult to build systems around Your people. Systems are important, because they help with workflow. But if you’re finding that you can’t actually build systems around people and that the systems start and then quickly falter, your in-house digital marketing team simply is unable to communicate with each other. They are also obviously proving resistant to your authority in some small way at least. They don’t want their work to be controlled or directed.


The answer again is to consider the possibility of finding some outside support. An external digital marketing agency can quite easily step in and take over a project. It can quickly provide you a strategy that you can implement, and it can work within its own systems on an external basis to help improve your digital marketing effectiveness. This doesn’t take long to do, because once they are on site and working alongside you, you should find that they start communicating with you regarding the new systems and the results are bringing it.


Finally, the last sign that shows you should be thinking about using an external agency is the language that your in-house team uses. When they are in full flow, and firing answers back and forth to each other across the office, with incredible complex terminology, you need to think about the fact that you may be out of the loop. Take a step back, and realise that you do not understand this world they are part of. It is for that reason that you may want to take the advantage of hiring an external agency.


If all of these factors are part of your current work-life, you need to seriously consider hiring a digital marketing agency in London. They can take the work out of your hands and leave you to get on with building a business.