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Many businesses hesitate before they take on the services of a digital marketing agency. They have major issues with taking the leap in fact, but one of the biggest and most compelling –to them- issues is the fact that they feel they can od the work of a digital marketing agency themselves. In other words, why pay for something that you can do in your own offices, and probably better?

As it happens, nine out of ten companies cannot do what a digital marketing agency does and stay solvent. They don’t have the time to create content, distribute it, amplify it and generally market themselves online. This does take hours and hours every day, and if the company is trying to make profit and generally stay live, it has to get on with doing business rather than create content. That is why a digital marketing agency can prove to be such a clear asset to a client. It can get on with creating content and marketing that client while the client continues with the business activity that makes everything possible in the first place. It’s a powerful relationship, where the agency gives a lot to the client.

But what exactly does a digital marketing agency do? Well, it does a wide number of things, most of which are beyond the professional reach of client companies. For example, it handles all of the content creation the client company needs to have in place for marketing to be effective. It may also handle a wide range of advertising activity too, because advertising is a big part of building up a presence online. There are a number of other activities and projects that a digital marketing agency can be involved in. within the offices of such an agency exists a highly qualified, multi-faceted team that have been involved in a wide range of disciplines.

You can have a full service agency or lots of separate ones

It’s true. You can either work with a full-service agency that does everything a digital marketing agency can do or you can choose from a selection of agencies that, combined, have the same impact as a full-service model. We would choose the full-service model though, for one simple reason.

Control. You get real control and practicality from using just one agency. That means one agency to call and discuss the latest campaign with, and one agency to take calls from. It means less time trying to organise a project and more time for you to spend on your own business. Working with one single agency that manages all aspects of digital marketing means that you are more likely to be able to get things done, because you will have the power of focus.

This is important, because if things go wrong you will feel more focused as you deal with them. You won’t have to worry about organising telephone calls or meetings with several different people. Instead, you have the control that comes with working with one agency only.

What’s more, using one agency means that you get a full, integrated strategy. Everyone in the agency that is relevant will have a hand in your project, and this means that a full approach that has a team mentality behind it will be a strong feature of the work that is done. This kind of integrated approach is essential to high quality content, for example. An integrated approach to work means that you will have strong themes, branding and more positive outcomes as the project matures. You wouldn’t necessarily get that if you worked with many different agencies at once.

You can’t do it yourself

We touched on this earlier in the article. You don’t have the professional focus or manpower to manage a full content marketing strategy yourself. There are so many elements involved in the process that you can find yourself struggling to keep up with things as a project becomes more complex over time.

A team of experts can only manage that complexity. You don’t have that team in your building, and if you do you might as well call yourself a digital marketing agency.

Give into the actual reality of the situation and use an agency that can offer clear expertise and experience. They will take over the work of creating branding and focus on that and that alone. It is their expertise and they are used to spending hours every day creating the branding that you need.


In the next article in this series we will look at other aspects of digital marketing agencies that are useful for any company that wishes to build on and amplify it’s brand.