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How to make your employees want to see your business succeed

A fundamental part of business is maintaining the employees of the business. Ensuring that your employees show up for work is one thing, but many businesses are falling drastically short in their projected goals because employees are not engaged in their work. Sure, your business may have a low turnover rate and on paper it appears that you have dedicated and hardworking employees. But is this the reality of the situation? The harsh truth is that only 31.5% of all employees are actively engaged in their job. The odds are that your business could use some ideas to boost your employee engagement. Here are 5.

Employee Engagement Idea #1:

 engagement ideas for your business

Hire Employees that are interested in your business

It may sound a bit rhetorical, but many employers skip the planning process when it comes to hiring. It may be true that a potential employee has an outstanding resume, but does that employee really want to work for you or is that employee coming to you because they know you can pay their desired salary?

Businesses should ensure that they have employees which are engaged in their business by setting detailed and realistic job descriptions and seeking ONLY those employees that can fulfill all of the desired criteria. Where your company may offer a level of training, your main focus should be on the productivity and profitability of your business, not on ensuring that those you hire understand how to do the basic functions of the job.

Employees that have a firm grasp of the job responsibilities and have a passion for doing that job are more likely to be actively engaged in the business. You would not want to hire a taxidermist to fulfill a veterinary position. There would be a conflict of interest. The same is true for any business. Hire employees that have the qualifications and want to be there.

Employee Engagement Idea #2:

Provide a level of trust with your employees

Businesses which have manager which disclose a level of transparency to employees are more apt to have employees that are engaged in the interests of the company. I would not recommend disclosing company secrets to employees, but a certain level of disclosure provides a sense of confidence in employees which boosts the moral and overall engagement of employees.

Trust goes beyond just information. Business owners need to be trusted that their policies and procedures are implemented at all levels of management. If you want to have employees engaged in your business, you must show that you are engaged in the business. Leading by example will build a level of trust with your employees. Employees which believe that you are not solely out to make a buck (regardless of if this is true or not) but that you are interested in the employees and services /product you provide, will be more actively engaged in your business.

Employment Engagement Idea #3

Become a family not a dictatorship

Employees are best engaged in a business that they can personally associate with. As we spend a greater portion of our lives working, most employees seek out careers where they can identify with other co-workers and managers. Where it is true that your business is a business and not the employee’s immediate family, there should be a level of camaraderie that conveys a family like atmosphere.

Bringing your employees into a “family” instead of a dictatorship means that you involve employees in the decision making process of the business. Feedback and suggestions are taken seriously and help with the innovations and creativity which will move your business forward. If your employees see you as a business that they can be a part of, they will be more engaged in that business than in a business in which they feel as if their opinion does not matter.

Employment Engagement Idea #4

Be goal oriented

A business that is not goal oriented is bound to fail. Set a specific plan and strive for it. Every business wants to be profitable and successful. This is not a goal. This is the function of commerce. Establish steps in order to ensure that your business is profitable and successful and then share those goals with your employees. Better still, have your employees help you in the planning process. Engaging your employees in the goal setting process ensures that not only are realistic goals set for your business, but that those goals seem to be obtainable by your employees.

Don’t just set a goal and say good job if it is achieved or scorn your workers if it falls short. Some form of a celebration or incentive needs to be put into place to motivate your employees to reach the goals you have set for your company. On the same scale, when goals are not met there needs to be consequences as well. You cannot be biased on your scale of success if you want to have actively engaged employees and a profitable business.

Employment Engagement Idea #5


Surveys, such as those provided by site such as Survey Monkey or Survey Shaker to name a few, incorporate all of the ideas above in one location. You do not have to worry about a large paper trail or consider which employees are actually participating and which employees are not. You will know.

There are a vast number of employee engagement ideas that you can have customized into your Employee Engagement survey. Whether the survey is to see which employees have the highest customer return rates, which employees are producing product at a rate above the required daily quota, department  suggestions, employee feedback, or a number of other ideas.Your business is dependent upon your employee engagement. Ensure that you have the best results by using the most modern methods to encourage employee engagement.